Saturday, August 6, 2011

School Supplies: A Love Story

My daughter loves, loves, loves school supplies. I thought when she entered middle school she wouldn't need as many school supplies as we had purchased when she was in elementary school. How many middle school projects require crayons, markers, and glue? But, I was wrong. As soon as the school supplies hit the shelves, we made a mad dash to the store and she walked the aisles for hours. We had to be sure to go when we had plenty of time, because goodness gracious we couldn't hurry while shopping for school supplies. Selecting the "just right" color and texture of folders, the perfect pencils, and notebooks were critical to the successful start of the school year. When she entered high school, I was pretty sure the love of shopping for school supplies would end, but it didn't. The types of supplies changed a little...we began purchasing fancier pens and pencils and special folders and notebooks. When she began college there was no doubt in my mind the school supplies purchases were over. I was beginning to be a little sad about her being all grown up. Wrong! Not only did the school supplies purchases continue, but the repertoire of supplies expanded and I spent more money than ever on printers, cameras, and storage bins. My daughter became a teacher. I think that secretly in a small corner of her heart one reason is so she can legitimately continue to purchase school supplies. She just had her first baby....and the school year is beginning. She's not going to teach this year because she is staying home with her baby, but I know that more than likely she's already purchased a new notebook or pencils. She simply can't resist

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